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Do you find our story interesting, our philosophy, our wines? That makes us happy and we will be even happier to chat with you about it in person. There are many options in which way we can meet and there are more we can think of to customize it to your needs. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll prepare everything. Here is a basic listing of our services:

Tasting and presentation

In our cellar – We have cellars in Nový Šaldorf and we will be happy to entertain you there. We offer tasting with expert presentation and tour of cellars to groups of 10-20 people. We also pair our wines with cold and hot cuisine. In addition, we will be happy to arrange dulcimer music or another musical accompaniment if you wish.


At our partners – Wines from Dobrá Vinice can be tasted in dozens of restaurants and bars throughout the Czech Republic. Where the premises allow it, we will be happy to arrange a wine tasting or even wine pairing in cooperation with local chefs.


At corporate events – We will be happy to introduce our wines to you at a golf tournament, corporate party or teambuilding.


In private – Will you invite us to a family party or garden party? We will be happy to come and give you a tasting of our wines based on your requirements with complete service.

Tailor-made gifts and advertising services

  • Special label with company logo on any of our wine
  • Gift packaging with the possibility of corporate branding
  • Tailor-made gift sets, according to your tastes and possibilities
  • Gift vouchers for the purchase of our wines in various values
  • Wine-themed gift items (glasses, corkscrews, etc.)

Wine delivery

We deliver wines all over the Czech Republic. Will you taste them?

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