Trois 2016


Dry red   wine, cuvée. 

Wine from blue grapes of Pinot noir 40%, Zweigeltrebe 30%, blue Frankish 30% varieties. 



Dry red wine, cuvée. 


Wine from blue grapes of Pinot noir 40%, Zweigeltrebe 30%, blue Frankish 30% varieties. All grapes fermented together for 30 days on the skins in open casks, and then for 14 months on their own yeast in oak barrels 225l and 500l large. Wine is not filtered. 


Recommended with dark meat from game, especially when prepared with a sauce. Delicious with beef steak. 

The potential of this wine is 15 years or more. 

Potvrzení zletilosti Kliknutím na "Souhlasím" prohlašuji, že jsem starší 18 let.