Quatre cuvée 2019


Dry white wine from Chardonnay 30%, Pinot blanc 10%, Pinot gris 30% – Pinot noir 30% varieties.  



Dry white wine from Chardonnay 30%, Pinot blanc 10%, Pinot gris 30% – Pinot noir 30% varieties. 


The wine was made by pressing whole grapes. The four burgundy varieties fermented together.  Wine matured in new oak French barrels 225l barrique and 500 liters largeThe malo-lactic acidity was degraded in this wine and it is not filtered. The wine has a golden color with light shades of pink. The aroma is soft yet intense and persistentIt resembles yellow fruits and a mixture of almonds and exotic spices. The taste is fresh, young and full with a light undertone of noble wood, vanilla and minerality. 


It goes well with different types of red meat dishes with creamy sauces (root vegetables), tuna or cheese.  

The potential of this wine is 8 years or more. 


alcohol: 13%, residual sugar: 0 g/l 

acidity: 5 g/l, total sulphur content: 65 mg/l 


Moravian regional wine 

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