Andrea cuvée 2019


Andrea cuvée 2019

Dry red wine
0,75 l

Cuvée made of Blaufrankisch and Zweigeltrebe blue grapes, with a predominance of Zweigeltrebe. The grapes come from Moravský Žižkov where they grow in an organically treated vineyard. No foreign yeast was added to the wine. The wine matured for 12 months in older oak barrels. The expression of the wine is fruity, with a mineral aftertaste, slightly tannic.

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Pairing: We recommend light fruit salads, shrimp and fatter fish, veal. The potential of wine is 8 years and more.

Year: 2019

Alcohol: 11.5 %

Acidity: 7.2 g / l,

Sugar content: 0 g / l

Total sulfur: 35 mg / l

Dry red wine

Moravian regional wine

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