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Premium wines – older vineyards, a great soul and the highest gastronomy

The wines mature for a long time on yeast, which comes directly from the vineyard. They support the maturation of the wine, its resilience and are important for the development of tertiary bouquet components. To mature these wines, we use new oak barrels with volumes of 225, 500, 600 and 1,000 liters of French (85%), Slavonian, Austrian and Wallachian oak. We also use acacia barrels for some varieties. The sulfur content of premium wines is very low, below 55 mg / l. The production technology reflects our experience with the production of wines in the best European wineries.


Qvevri –  millennial tradition, 100% authentic wine and great potential

We started practicing this 8,000-year-old method of winemaking in 2012, when we brought the first terracotta jugs from Georgia. In clay unglazed containers with a volume of 1,000 liters buried in our sandstone cellars, we do long-term maceration on skins. After removing the wine from the qvevri, it is aged in oak barrels. The wines are without added chemicals, are bottled with the remainders of the yeast and are not filtered. They have a deep yellow to orange color, which comes form the maceration of the pigmented grape skins and the oxidative method of maturation. The potential of qvevri wines is 25 years and more.

And how do these wines taste?

Lalou Bize-Leroy, first lady of Burgundy viticulture:

“Pinot Gris 2004 from Dobrá Vinice is especially interesting for me and is a faithful imprint of the taste of your country.”


Olivier Poussier, world champion sommelier 2000:

“The beauty of Moravian wines lies in the diversity of its manifestations. So, in the Znojmo region, I suddenly had the impression that I was in Chablis. What wine grabbed my heart? Cuvée called Velké Dobré Bílé, Premium 2002 bred in the Dobrá Vinice winery … The tones of acacia honey dominate and blend with the mineral nuances of “pierre a fusil” (quartz sriking). All this is highlighted by the elegance of wood. It is full in the mouth, its straightforwardness is given by the beautiful acidity, typical of the continental climate.”


Denis Roland Billecart, owner of the best rated house in Champagne (1st and 2nd place in the “Champagne Century” competition):

“If I knew there was such a good wine here, I would start drinking earlier today.” (About Riesling from Dobrá Vinice, at the presentation of AD Vivum wines at the Mandarin Hotel.)


John Salvi, one of the most famous wine connoisseurs:

“There are (in the Czech Republic) excellent red wines, but unfortunately only in very small quantities. For example, this pinot (tasting Pinot noir 2005 from Dobrá Vinice) is excellent. It is a real pinot noir, while in many countries many pinots lack their characteristic taste. “(Source: MF Dnes)

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