Naturally sparkling, unfiltered with handwritten labels

We were the first in the Czech Republic to introduce pet-nat sparkling wines to our customers. What’s that? Pet-nat is an abbreviation of French pétillant-naturel = naturally sparkling. These wines continue their fermentation naturally directly in bottles with their own yeast under the crown cap.

Yeast is very important for wine – it supports its maturation, resilience and the development of tertiary bouquet components. In pet-grape wines, we do not degrade malo-lactic acid and we do not filter it. After bottling, the wines are stored in sandstone cellars in ideal conditions.

In Dobrá Vinice we call our pet-nats “Cremé”, thanks to their creaminess in taste and aroma. To make the natural expression perfect, we have chosen handwritten labels for these wines. Naturally sparkling wines taste best cooled on hot summer days, but they can actually please your taste buds at any time. Today, our “Créme” are regularly shipped to Japan, Berlin, London or New York.

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