Natura wine selection is here for anyone who wants to experience everyday joy of food and wine.

These wines have a fresh taste and aroma as we let them mature in stainless steel and older oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters for a shorter time (about half a year). Wines lie on natural yeast the whole time which promotes the maturation and resilience of the wine and helps to develop tertiary bouquet components. The sulphur content of Natura wines is very low, below 70 mg/l. The design of the labels comes from the workshop of the Czech artist Elaine Lóre. Each wine in this line has its own motif which reflects the content and expression of the wine. So, if you don’t want to read the back of the labels, simply choose the wine according to its unique drawing.

Potvrzení zletilosti Kliknutím na "Souhlasím" prohlašuji, že jsem starší 18 let.