Dobrá Vinice greets all lovers of good wine.
Wines that are in harmony with nature and in the best quality.
The quality we guarantee with all our hearts and our own worked hands.

We are proud to say that Dobrá Vinice is one of the pioneers of natural winemaking in Moravia. It was with this idea that we founded the winery in 1992, and therefore we have only been farming organically ever since. On 19 hectares of vineyards in the Podyjí National Park.

We produce wines in harmony with nature and with the best consciousness and conscience – we work with vines and grapes by hand and essentially without chemicals. You will not find it in vineyards or wines. What you will find here are oak barrels, in which the wines lie on their own yeast for several months, and also Georgian qvevri vessels, in which we produce wines using technology that is 8,000 years old.

Our wines are not for everyone, but we recommend them to everyone.
We recommend them to everyone who, like us, respects the philosophy of nature.
Nature, which returns our love and care in the form of good quality grapes and wine.

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